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Great success
- the result of gambling

Many great things have happened as a result of somebody daring to take a gamle. Gambling is a fundamental consept for our world. Unfortunatly few have it in them to face losses in persuit of fortune. People focus to much on the chance of failure instead of focusing on the upside.

Gambling is not only the things that happen in the casino. Gambling happens all around us at all time. Small choises made by a person can change his life. A guy deciding to talking to that girl he thinks is so cute. The small cost of rejection is the potential loss. A lifetime of happiness, unpriceable moments is the reward.

Business has a large portion of gambling involved. What markets will grow and what markets will shrink, what ideas should be given more work and what ideas should be discarded. It's a gamble of some sort at every crossing.

What can be said about many of the people that have succeded in a big way wheter they are Warren Buffet, or Joe Millionare, they have had something that that they belived in and dared to gamble on what their gut was telling them. And for some time chosed to walk the unsure road, but because of that came out ahead in the end.


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