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Consequences of gambling

Gambling have become a negative word in most minds. This is most due to the propaganda from organizations that have an agenda to abolish gambling. These agendas aspire from various religious and political standpoints.

These groups primary weapon to stop gambling in all its' forms is to stigmatize the act of gambling, the gambling industry and the social consequence from gambling. According to these people gambling is the root of all evil. Gambling leads to social disasters, breakup of families, ruined marriages and women and child abuse. Gambling leads to a entry point of excessive alcohol and medication use, that may lead further to alcoholism and drug abuse. On a larger view this again leads to problems for the nation's economy and problems for businesses.

Clearly it seems if you get rid of the gambling problem you will save our civilization from this course bound to end into total destruction. It is not obvious to the people that are against gambling that this is a very simplification of the world we live in today. These problem arise from a complex combination of the stress and problems we as individuals encounter in the modern civilization we live in. To blame it on one thing as gambling alone is not seeing the whole picture.

A person with depression and personal problems should not solve these problems with alcohol. These will only lead into deeper problems. When alcohol enjoyed as an enhancer in positive social occasions to make people have fun and enjoy themselves, it must be agreed that alcohol is something positive. This is common knowledge. The same applies for gambling.

There are good personal moods for gambling and bad ones. The mood was there before you started to gamble. If you gamble when you are in the wrong mood it can lead into deeper problems. It is a generalization that gambling is bad. The problems that gambling has been blamed for is mostly caused by problems that people just get from living in today's society. There is still going to be alcoholism, drug abuse, broken families, bad economy after gambling is abolished.


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