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Charms and spells
- the secret of extra luck

To be extra lucky in gambling; in life, in the casino or any other entrepreneurship you must get yourself charms and learn to cast spells. This is a list of mandatory artifacts.

Alligator feet and alligator teeth.
Rabbit foot.
Magnetic sand.
Rattle snake rattle.
Five-finger grass.
Badger teeth.
Bat heart.
Four-leaf clover.
Good luck coins.
John the Conqueror Root.
Silver dimes.
Raccoon penis bone.

These things can be worn in various ways, or kept secretly in a mojo bag.

Spiritual cleansing is important to drive off any unluck and atract spirits that will help you to get more lucky. Cleansing can be done by taking spiritual baths. Spiritual bathing involves pure water (typically running fresh water or sea water) and decoctions made from water to which has been added salt, minerals, herbs, roots, and tree barks. If you do not have access to place with running water, herbal handwashes is very good alternative.

Some spells:

For luck in gambling:
Fix a mojo bag (either red flannel for success or green flannel for money) with a Lucky Hand root , a pinch of five-finger grass, a miniature pair of dice, and a John the Conqueror root. Add a dried bat heart or an alligator tooth or badger tooth or an alligator foot or rabbit foot. Anoint with red Fast Luck Oil, John the Conqueror Oil, or with the urine of your lover.

For luck in games of chance where deft finger-work is required:
Combine a John the Conqueror root and a silver "Mercury" dime with a Lucky Hand root and wrap them as above in a $2.00 bill. Dress the mojo with Lucky Hand Oil or red Fast Luck Oil or with the urine of your lover, and wear concealed on your person while at the card table.


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