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The art of getting off with a profit - quitting when ahead.

Profit taking may sound as an elementary advice, but many forget about this when they are on a roll.

Your luck is going to swing in both directions. Sometimes you may experience a loosing streak, and other times you may experience a winning streak. When you step back and look at your profit curve it will go from winnings to losses to winnings to losses. It will fluctuate. -Allways. To get out with a profit you have to have the disipline to quite when you are on top.

The trick is to cash in when you are high up in the winning zone. The smart gambler will allways cash out. Cash out to play another day. The casino will allways be there.

This break will give you time to re-evaluate and get any emotions you may feel when you are winning under control. Get some rest and return rested. When you feel tired you will not perform as well. If you manage to quit when you are in a profit and walk away, you will allways take money out of the casino. Taking money out of the casino is what it is all about.

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